Helping teachers help you!
As Prologue artists, you’re probably aware that we strive to not only provide the best in performing arts to schools, but to also help enhance the education curriculum. What you probably don’t know is that we’re asked on a regular basis if our shows come with a study guide.

While the experience of live performance is in itself engaging and stimulating, teachers are often looking for ways to connect what they see, hear, and feel with their students to what they do in class BEFORE and AFTER your show. This is where those precious study guides come in handy. 

They aren’t just a means to extend the performance beyond the confines of the gym or auditorium. They can also be a powerful tool that teachers use to decide whether or not to book you.

By providing great study guides and resources for your performances, you’re not only helping educators who may be unfamiliar with your work and craft, you’re amplifying the impact of your presence in the school and subsequently encouraging people to spread the word on how great you are! (Nothing beats word-of-mouth.)

“Excellent performance! Finch students were thoroughly entertained by Shoestring’s performance of the Magic Flute.  The study guide was great and I look forward to using some of the follow up activities with the students.” – Tibor Lako, Finch Public School (about Shoestring OperaThe Shoestring Magic Flute)

“Students and Staff loved the performances. It made our kids want to get up and dance. They were tapping right along with the percussion sounds/ songs. Study guide was helpful too. Classroom teachers and music teachers loved it.” – Catherine Unelli, Royal Orchard Middle School (about TorQThe Energy of Percussion)

“Our students were completely engrossed in the show and we will use the content in several grades as a reference point for learning in social studies/history, drama, and dance.”  – Peter Jenkins, Kettle Lakes Public School (about Red Sky Performance, Mistatim)

This is why it is worth taking some time to see how you could improve on your study guide.(Also read 10 TIPs to create a useful study guide.)

Post written by Émilie Charlebois 
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