Because you have something to say!

Have you ever received an email from a friend about something interesting (a new show, a new service, a new piece of art) that they ask you to share? 

If your first impulse was to share it in your social media, you went looking for a link in the email. If there was none, you probably didn’t do anything and just moved on.

Most communications we spread, either by email (individual or through a Mailchimp campaign), in social media or on our website, needs a URL address so we can create a link that is easy to share and benefit from the good free marketing that is virtual word-of-mouth. 

Our ultimate goal is to lead people to permanent pages holding information relevant to them, to help them, to explain, to clarify, to provide more details, etc. (in our case, pages that will get potential clients one step closer to buying your shows).

The two best ways to create shareable pages are through your website and/or with a blog. Unfortunately, many of us who launched a website a few years ago (count us in that group!) are reduced to ask their webmaster to create new pages. It is costly and time consuming. 

Bottom line: Does your website allow you to publish good linkable content that you will be able to share and reuse, so people can understand how amazing you are? 

At Prologue, we bypassed this problem by creating Showtime, our blog on the free platform Blogger. (It’s that blog which allowed us to publish the post you are reading at this moment, that you might have accessed by clicking on the link in our eNews Backstage!) 

Here’s a concrete example of how we put our blog to use recently:

1) We are looking for a new administrative assistant. A PDF of the job description was created, which we sent by email to a specific mailing list. We saved it as a JPEG (since we can’t post PDFs in our blog nor on Facebook or Twitter).

2) We created a page in our blog, which gave
us a link to share.

 3) We published a post on Facebook to share the link

 4) We shortened the URL of our blog post, using, so we could also share a post on Twitter

5) Finally, we added the blog link to the News section in the home page of our website (one of the sections we can easily play with).

Without a link, none of these free marketing actions would have been possible.