Important key results from Prologue’s online Client Survey

Between October and December 2015, Prologue sent a survey to over 5,000 clients currently in our database (including teachers, principals, parents in school councils, librarians, arts coordinators as well as public and/or volunteer presenters). The response rate was over 20%! 

One of the questions we asked them was: Where do you get information about professional arts for young audiences? (They could select more than one source.) Here’s what they said:

80% = Colleagues/word of mouth
67% = Websites
62% = Print documents
43% = Conferences/showcases
25% = Newsletters
10% = YouTube
9%   = Facebook
5%   = Twitter
4%   = Pinterest 

As you can see, the marketing channels used by our clients are still quite traditional! Which is why website, printed catalogue and presence to various conferences are still on top of Prologue’s marketing efforts.