Along with a focus on African Heritage, RSP contribution deadline and a shared desire to see the end of winter, February is also, fortunately or unfortunately, when we celebrate Valentine’s Day. While, to be honest, I have never been quite sure of Valentines Day’s place in schools and amongst young people, I do believe that it gives us an opportunity to think about not only who, but what we love!

Last week, I visited a school to see a performance by one of our dance companies, Ballet Creole. One little girl in the audience spent most of the performance moving, from her seat on the floor, to the rhythm of the drums and mimicking the dancers. She was mesmerized. I was mesmerized watching her. Her face was open, alive, smiling and she did not take her eyes off of the dancers for almost 40 minutes.  

I share that story because it is an example of what I, and I am assuming we all, love. I believe that every time a Prologue artist or company goes into a school there is a child or many children who are suspended in that moment of artistic expression. That exchange between young people and artists, even if it only lasts a moment, provides potential for real joy, real engagement and impact that can and does often last a lifetime.  

So whether or not Valentine’s Day is significant in your life, I think we all have something to celebrate!

Happy February!

Patty Jarvis
Prologue’s Executive Director