Booking Virtual Performances With Prologue  – Frequently Asked Questions

Through Prologues new virtual performance and workshop offerings, we are able to continue bringing live performing arts to schools across Ontario. It isn’t only our artists that have adapted to help support your e-learning needs, but our entire program! 

We have documented the most frequently asked questions from over the years to help better prepare schools and booking administration with the answers they need. Please read through the full terms and conditions to ensure you and your classroom are ready and equipped for your online session with us. 

How do teachers or organizations book an artist through Prologue?

Teachers, Administrators, Librarians, Parents, Committee/Council members and any support coordinators can book a school or organization wide performance or workshop by contacting the designated Prologue staff team through email or phone.

Program & Community Outreach Coordinator (Outside GTA)

Bremely Karthigesu

Sales & Marketing Coordinator (GTA)

Kate Pharoah

General Administration (All)

Alternatively, you can also find more information about booking on our website by submitting a contact form for the artist of interest:

Does Prologue present online or virtual programming?

Yes. Prologue Performing Arts launched an exciting online and virtual season this year. Our 2020/21 season will be offered virtually with a variety of arts opportunities to compliment your curriculum. Choose from engaging and interactive arts experiences in dance, music, and performing arts as well as select performances in French.

For more information about artists, pricing and programming:

What platform is Prologue presenting their digital programming on?

Prologue will be presenting their online programming through Google Meets/Classrooms. This means that booked shows will be scheduled and all relevant access information will be available to the booking contact upon accepting the meeting invitation and sending the signed contract into their staff representative. 

Note: select performances and workshops will be available through Zoom, please inquire if you would like to opt for this delivery option instead. 

Would we be able to have these virtual presentations multiple times for smaller classes?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The sessions are designed to cater to audiences upwards of 500 students at a time. While every artist has designated different audience maximums based on their program, multiple classrooms and IP addresses can access the session link at the same time. 

If you fear that your systems network will not be able to house that much traffic, we suggest you book multiple sessions or contact us to discuss alternative options.

Do changes to the audience size or grouping affect the cost of the show?

The cost of the performance or workshop is based on the maximum audience size designated by the artist.  We ask that you ensure your scheduled performance or workshop is within the maximum limit indicated when booking. If booking contacts are unable to do this please contact us to discuss alternatives and options. 

If you would like to make accommodations for larger audience sizes, you will need to notify your staff representative and they will add a nominal fee of $1.00 per extra head to accommodate your request.

How many students can one online session accommodate? 

Each performance and session is different. This means that audience sizes have been designed to accommodate up to 500 students per session. Some performances and workshops might differ slightly depending on programming needs, so please clarify with your staff representative before booking. 

Audience maximums are listed on each performance page but Prologue’s platform can only have 150 computers joining in. If your link is going to be shared more than 150 times please consult with your Prologue rep for more options

What is Prologues cancellation policy?

Booked performances can be cancelled without penalty within 30 days of their performance or workshop date. If the cancellation falls outside of this designated timeframe the school will be charged a cancellation fee.

Will schools get a full refund when cancellations are made?

Please note that deposits or full amounts paid prior to the cancellation will be held as a credit which can be used for a future performance or workshop. This credit is not artist specific and can be applied to any performance or workshop scheduled within that school year. 

What happens if there are technical issues during the performance or workshop?

If technical issues prevent students or classrooms from accessing or streaming the scheduled workshop or performance, the booking contact will have one opportunity to reschedule their session within 7 days of their initial performance date and time. 

Note: booking contacts are requested to sign a technical rider agreement, which confirms that the organization, school and teachers have prepared their classrooms and students for proper virtual etiquette and participation.

How will we receive access to the presentation? Will this be on the day of,  or in advance?

Once the booking contact has sent in a signed agreement and issued a deposit, their staff representative will email a session link which can be used to access their booked performance or workshop on the day of. 

This access link can be circulated to the appropriate classrooms that will be attending the online session.