Tottering Biped Theatre at Ontario Secondary School DANCEFEST

We are thrilled that Prologue artists Trevor Copp and Jeff Fox of Tottering Biped Theatre will be offering a dance workshop and performing their acclaimed piece, “Liquid Lead” at the Ontario Secondary School DANCEFEST in Windsor, Ontario on March 24, 2018. The Ontario Secondary School DANCEFEST (OSSDF) has been central to the training of dance educators and students in Ontario for sixteen years. Prologue is proud to continually sponsor OSSDF in their endeavors to provide the best in dance training to thousands of secondary school dancers and educators. We are thrilled that the students will be able to experience Trevor and Jeff’s revolutionary ‘Liquid Lead’ gender neutral partner dancing technique, breaking down barriers and promoting equality in dance and life. For more information, click here for the press release, and here for OSSDF’s website.