Rukhsana Khan rocks!

We received an amazing testimonial from teacher-librarian Jen Mactaggart (Sunnybrook School in Toronto) following Rukhsana Khan’s visit. Here’s an excerpt of her letter describing a great storyteller at work:

“Each session was a delight. Perfectly matched to the age, interest and ability of each group, Rukhsana wove conversations about the writing process, cultural difference and acceptance into her spellbiding storytelling. With the younger group, her tone was lighthearted and playful, and our students giggled and took part with pure joy, soaking up rich cultural knowledge and universal themes along with good humour. With the older group, she presented more mature books and themes, but did so in a truly captivating and inspirational way, ultimately showing our students how they, too, can become important advocates in the world. Our students left each session energized and motivated, as did our teachers!”

For more information about Rukhsana Khan‘s different storytelling performances and availability, call us at 416-591-9092 or 1-888-591-9092. Her fees are $300/one show, $468/two shows, $624/three shows. Each show can be presented in front of up to 100 students.