The 2021-22 Paula Program Fund

Overview and Guidelines


Prologue has identified a need to ensure that the Prologue artistic program addresses and reflects on many issues and concerns as a result of the changing demographic in schools across the province. Therefore, the Paula Program Fund focuses on commissioning new programs for young audiences and/or adapting artist’s work to a virtual/digital platform for the Prologue Performing Arts roster.

The Paula Fund(s) is named in recognition of the extraordinary contribution made by Paula & David Butterfield to Prologue to the Performing Arts’ Endowment Fund. Established in 2001, the fund was made available to artists and companies currently on Prologue’s roster to support the final stage of development of a new presentation for young audiences. Since its inception in 2001 the Funds have distributed $65,000 to 26 Prologue artists and companies.

Objectives of the Fund:

  • To generate new work for future representation by Prologue to the Performing Arts.
  • To provide support for Prologue artists and companies to create new work.
  • To support Prologue’s commitment to offer relevant and engaging performance experiences for young audiences across Ontario.
  • To help artists transition in person performances to a digital platform.

Source and Amount of the Fund:

The interest received from the Ontario Arts Foundation Endowment Fund Program is allocated for the Fund(s) with additional funding assigned from Prologue’s operating budget. Artists are welcome to apply for up to $2000 on their Paula Program Application.

Criteria for the Fund:

  • Artist or company must have the artistic and administrative capacity to complete the project for the 2023/2024 Prologue Roster.
  • The completed work must be available for submission to Prologue’s Program Committee for consideration for the 2023-24 year* (this does not guarantee that the completed work will be accepted on the roster)

Should an artist or company receive a Paula Fund they will be required to:

  • Provide Prologue with a final report on the use of the Fund no later than 6 weeks following the project completion on their application.
  • Artist or company who do not complete their approved project by the aforementioned dates will be required to provide a status report and detailed explanation for use of funds to Prologue Performing Arts.

* Programming applications are available by February for the following school year (i.e. February 2022 for 2022-2023 school year).

Application Process:

Application will focus on the following:

  • A brief overview of the idea/concept including relevant themes, artistic discipline(s), key issues addressed, curriculum relevance, target age/grade level.
  • Outline on how the proposed concept will translate to a digital platform.
  • The amount being requested.
  • Overview of applicant’s experience working with youth audiences.
  • Contact person and information – who do we contact if we have any questions or need clarification of the proposal prior to the selection process.

Selection Process:

A committee will review all submissions and prepare recommendations for the Board of Directors’ approval. The committee will include:

  • Prologue’s Executive Director
  • The Chair of Prologue’s Program Committee
  • Two or more members from the community

The Paula Fund Selection committee will review each submission for the following:

  • appropriate for intended audience
  • unique to what is currently offered on the roster and/or by the artist/company
  • adheres to the model of performances represented by Prologue e. age appropriate, length of performance, affordable and accessible for schools and communities.
  • Viability of the work to be adapted to a digital platform.

Programs should provide cultural/social/artistic representations that offer opportunities for students to see themselves reflected, or enable them to share and learn.

Program proposals will be evaluated based on the quality of the work and the level of artistic content or skill presented. The program must be intended for school presentations and relevant for today’s young audiences and educators, for example:

  • Discipline specific learning modules or curriculum
  • Contemporary issues
  • Social Justice, Accessibility
  • First Nations, Métis and Inuit Studies
  • Literacy
  • Historical perspectives or retrospectives
  • Cultural identity
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations

Submission Deadline: June 15, 2022

Please direct any questions to Prologue’s Executive Director Maria Williams at [email protected] or 416-591-9092 x223.