Every time I am in a school gym during a performance, there is always one young face, one child whom I notice sitting still, focused, eyes fixed on the dance, or the puppets, hanging upon an actor’s or a poet’s every word. That one student may not know or ever articulate what it is in that moment that holds them and it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that every child should have the chance to sit in that place of wonder and of discovery.

This has been Prologue’s mission from the start, nearly 50 years ago, when five wonderful women sat around a kitchen table to find some way to ensure that students throughout Ontario could have access to the power of live performances.

I am proud to present to you our school catalogue for 2014-2015 with 52 companies and 122 performances and workshops. Our Programming Committee is given the responsibility each year of ensuring we provide the highest quality of performing arts that will offer young audiences exciting, magical experiences.

I sincerely hope that our 2014-2015 roster offers you and your students many moments of discovery in your school and community.

Patty Jarvis
Prologue’s Executive Director