There’s always a Prologue’s artist or company performing out there, throughout Ontario. This is a collection of media coverage that came our way. Arts Education at work!

July 29, 2014 (about Philippe Flahaut
“Les chansons permettent aux enfants de capter des mots, de les attraper au passage, tout en s’amusant.” (Read L’Express de Toronto‘s full article.)

March 10, 2015 (about Cie Vox Théâtre)
“Beau spectacle en perspective!” (Read L’Express de Toronto‘s full article.)
Jan, 2015 (about Chris McKhool)
“One of the ways I keep it real and I keep it fresh is to collaborate with other musicians” (Read Canadian Musician‘s full article, pp 50-52.)
“Students at Little Current Public School and Central Manitoulin Public School had a unique cultural experience last Thursday…” (Read The Manitoulin Expositor‘s full article. Click here to see the video.)

Nov. 3, 2014 (about Sheldon Casavant)

Sheldon was claimed one of the TOP-40 under 40 in Edmonton! (Read the full article.) When you see this YouTube clip from his performance at TEDx Vancouver, you’ll understand why!

Sept. 03, 2014 (about Jim Dalling)
“He not only had the audience participate but the inquisitive kids presents asking important questions about life.” (Read The Chronicle Herad‘s full article. Click here to see excerpts from his show.)

In 2013 (about Corpus)
… They seemed to enjoy Corpus performance. Must be a positive review!

March 22, 2013 (about Philippe Flahaut
“The children had a blast singing traditional French songs.” (Read East York The Observer‘s full article on page 5)