Here’s a very concrete example of what happens when Prologue works with great partners to give young audiences the chance to have a stimulating experience with the performing arts.  

The Quinte Arts Council is a passionate organization dedicated to promoting artists and arts organizations in all disciplines and to further appreciation of arts and culture in the Quinte region (from the southern-most tip of Prince Edward County, north to Bancroft and east and west from Napanee to Brighton), with a special involvement with the local school boards.

Their revenues come from government at the municipal and provincial level, sponsorships, foundations, memberships and donations and they have been a great partner and financial supporter for Prologue’s performing Arts programming. 

Making great things together
CLICK HERE to watch a dynamic 3-min video clip, the result of Prologue’s direct partnership with the Quinte Arts Council (which fully subsidized the programming). It was created following Kahurangi Maori Dance Theatre day events in March 2015 for students in the Hasting DSB and Prince Edward County DSB (two district school boards in Belleville area).

Customized programming offered consisted of a dance workshop for high-school students, a central performance for 750 Grades 4-8 students bussed to Centennial High School in Belleville, and an afternoon performance at a new elementary school located just outside of town.

In May, the council also has fully subsidized the programming cost for Shoestring Opera‘s Magic Flute in Trenton. 

Show & Tell
Here’s a great lesson  for anyone promoting performing arts: Invite important stakeholders to your events! 

You can talk as much as you want about wonderful artists, nothing beats “Show & Tell” to convince people of the value of a great performance. Last spring, Prologue’s Tour Manager Stephanie Filippi had invited Carol Bauer from the Quinte Arts Council to attend a Shoestring Opera performance in Belleville (which was fully sponsored by the local Opera Guild, another great partnership). 

It definitely encouraged the Council’s decision to support Trenton school grant application for funding to support students’ music Education and invite Shoestring Opera to perform this season!