Here an A to Z list of Prologue’s roster. Click on the name of the companies/artists to access their page on our website (with links to study guides and tech sheets).

NEW! We’ve created SCHOOL poster templates for every  show to get your students, parents and teachers excited about the artists coming soon to your school. Click on the yellow link next to the name of the companies.

AKA Dance + AKA Dance SCHOOL posters
All-Star Slam with Brendan McLeod + All-Star Slam SCHOOL poster
Alan Shain + Alan Shain SCHOOL posters  
Arsenal à musique + Arsenal à musique SCHOOL posters
Ballet Creole + Ballet Creole SCHOOL poster
Bboyizm + Bboyizm SCHOOL posters
Boris Sichon + Boris Sichon SCHOOL poster
Breadbox Theatre + Breadbox Theatre SCHOOL poster
Cadence + Cadence SCHOOL posters
Canada’s Ballet Jörgen + Canada’s Ballet Jörgen SCHOOL posters
Canadian Opera Company (COC) + COC SCHOOL posters
Chris McKhool + Chris McKhool SCHOOL posters 
Cie Vox Théâtre + Cie Vox Théâtre SCHOOL poster
Corpus + Corpus SCHOOL posters
Cosima Grunsky + Cosima Grunsky SCHOOL posters
CréaSon + CréaSon SCHOOL posters
DuffleBag Theatre + DuffleBag Theatre SCHOOL posters
Emerita Emerencia + Emerita Emerencia SCHOOL posters
Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company + Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company SCHOOL posters
Fana Soro + Fana Soro SCHOOL posters
Faustwork Mask Theatre + Faustwork Mask Theatre SCHOOL posters
Firebrand Theatre + Firebrand Theatre SCHOOL poster
Infinitus + Infinitus SCHOOL poster
Jack Grunsky + Jack Grunsky SCHOOL posters
Kahuarangi Maori Dance Theatre + Kahuarangi Maori Dance Theatre SCHOOL posters
Khac Chi Bamboo Music + Khac Chi Bamboo Music SCHOOL poster
Leslie McCurdy + Leslie McCurdy SCHOOL posters 
Little Pear Garden Collective + Little Pear Garden Collective SCHOOL poster
Maderaz Latin Music + Maderaz Latin Music SCHOOL posters
Menaka Thakkar Dance Company + Menaka Thakkar Dance Company SCHOOL poster
Mike Ford + Mike Ford SCHOOL posters
Nathalie Vachon + Nathalie Vachon SCHOOL posters
National Ballet of Canada + National Ballet of Canada SCHOOL poster
Philippe Flahaut + Philippe Flahaut SCHOOL posters
Puppetmongers Theatre + Puppetmongers Theatre SCHOOL posters
Puzzle Théâtre + Puzzle Théâtre SCHOOL posters
Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre + Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre SCHOOL poster
Rukhsana Khan + Rukhsana Khan SCHOOL posters
Shoestring Opera + Shoestring Opera SCHOOL posters
Silk Road Music + Silk Road Music SCHOOL posters
Stand Up Dance + Stand Up Dance SCHOOL posters
Sultans of String with Anwar Khurshid + Sultans of String SCHOOL posters
TorQ Percussion Quartet + TorQ Percussion Quartet SCHOOL posters
Tribal Vision Dance + Tribal Vision Dance SCHOOL poster

For advanced research
On, you can also search a company by name of show or artist, discipline, or refine your research by using the advanced search box to find a show with suitable availability, grade level and language. 

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