Prologue’s Arts Champion Award 2018

In 2016, Prologue to the Performing Arts launched the Arts Champion Awards to recognize educators, community leaders and presenters who work tirelessly to ensure that young people have access to performing arts experiences. The award is made annually to individuals who exemplify the vision that Prologue has supported for over half a century!

Prologue is pleased to name Keith Scott as our 2018 Arts Champion Award recipient!

A native of Moncton New Brunswick, Keith began his career as an educator with the Peel District School Board in 1990. He is the recipient of the Keith Bissell Scholarship for Orff studies and Alice M. Harrison scholarship in Music. Keith is frequently a workshop presenter at O.I.S.E, York University and with his school community. He is the recipient of the Award of Distinction from the Peel District School Board and is currently a teacher at Levi Creek Public School in the Meadowvale area of Mississauga.

Keith has a passion for fostering within his students the love of music literacy. His creativity has been brought alive through elaborate sets for school musicals, as well, by the simple pulse of a hand drum, Orff instruments and a picture book.  Keith has been inspired by many great educators, friends and family.  He would like to acknowledge the guiding support and influence of Joan Cobbold – a Peel Board music specialist who guided and inspired him to reach for the stars.

Mr. Scott inspired us with his speech at our annual showcase at the Aga Khan Museum on May 30, 2018:

“I would like to take a moment to thank Prologue to The Performing Arts for this tremendous honour.  My work as an Arts Educator has been a career of making the arts come alive through creative avenues. As Arts Educators, our roles are to inspire and foster within all of our students a love of the arts. My daily goal is to promote arts literacy. I am very proud to be a teacher with the Peel District School Board, where on a daily basis, I do that very thing – create creative opportunities, sing, dance, play and pretend. I feel greatly supported by the artists represented by Prologue. Their amazing performances at my school enrich and enhance the arts within my students’ lives. Thank you for bringing your best to our students.  Thank you for recognizing my work that helps keep the arts alive. I am very proud to be here this evening accepting this award. Thank you.”