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Welcome to The Impossible is Only the Untried: a Prologue Podcast
with Mandy E. MacLean – documenting the W. Ross Macdonald Project!

Mandy's headshot: she has mid length blond hair and blue eyes. She wear a navy blue top and a slight smile.

Prologue Performing Arts has partnered with the W. Ross Macdonald School for the Blind to explore how the arts community can support and present new and engaging performing arts initiatives for young audiences with vision loss and low vision, while also mentoring and learning from the young people throughout the creative process. Students will be leaders in defining how the arts community can further their engagement with young people with vision loss. Through this audio journal, Project Coordinator Mandy E. MacLean will document the project sharing experiences, learnings, photos, and audio recordings.

My name is Mandy E. MacLean and I am thrilled to start this grand adventure, learn alongside this incredible team, and ask lots of big questions! About me: I am a woman in my mid-thirties, a member of the Mad Community, and a three-time TBI survivor. I am a multi-hyphenate professional theatre artist and proud Maritimer! I’ve driven a military tank, and will eat every baked good you put in front of me! For more info check out mandyemaclean.com.

Photo Gallery

Behind the scenes photos taken while creating the W. Ross Macdonald drama students’ year-end production That One Drama Class.

Poetry Submissions

As part of the creation process for That One Drama Class, the students were given the writing prompt “you can’t stop me”.
They wrote beautiful pieces that were used as inspiration while writing the play and generously shared their work with us.