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Will’s Jams – Wordplay with Will | Chanter avec Will

Wordplay with Will | Chanter avec Will – In-Person Performance 

JUNO-nominated musician and educator Will Stroet of Will’s Jams offers interactive concerts in English, French or both languages featuring his most popular educational songs from 11 nationally acclaimed albums. Over the past decade touring schools, Will has developed top-notch shows with audience participation, fun wordplay, sign language and sing-along choruses. His music explores themes of literacy, creativity, math, science, art and living a healthy and active lifestyle.

In-Person Songwriting Workshop

As a former music teacher who has been leading songwriting workshops for children across Canada and in China, Will Stroet has developed a fun and effective method to harness children’s creativity in writing songs. His interactive workshops involve critical thinking, creative writing, call and response, actions, presentation skills and performance opportunities. Will teaches students about the basics of songwriting including: lyric, chorus and verse composition; rhythm and rhyme schemes; and melody. By the end of the session, students will have collaboratively composed a folk song that is performance ready. The song topic can be tied to any curricular theme. If the Hootenanny show is booked in conjunction with a workshop, Will and Jessica Mai can lead a half-day songwriting workshop together followed by the show in the afternoon. The duration, number of sessions and classes can be determined between the artist and school. Inquire with artist about full-day or multiple-day workshops.

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In-Person Booking Inquiry

Curriculum Connections

Music to enhance language-learning and teach wordplay

Songs to inspire creativity, self-expression, physical activity, and living a healthy lifestyle

Cross Curricular Connections

Experiential Learning

French Education

Booking Details

School Performance Fee: $915.00+HST
Audience Size: 500
Grades: K-6

School Workshop Fee: $549.00+HST
Audience Size: 60
Grades: 1-6

Language: English, Bilingual, French
Availability: Limited,

About Will Stroet

Bilingual musician and educator Will Stroet of Will’s Jams has performed 2,000+ shows across Canada and China in schools, festivals and theatres since 2005 . He has received nominations from the JUNOs, Western Canadian Music Awards and Canadian Folk Music Awards. For six years, “Will’s Jams” videos aired on CBC Kids, and are currently available for streaming on KidoodleTV and Common Sense Media’s SensicalTV. Learn more at

“Will has great energy! You can tell he loves what he’s doing. The kids pick up on that and are keen to join in singing and doing actions. He is the best performer I have ever in an elementary school because the kids were so engaged.”

Meredith Fenton, vice-principal, West Vancouver

“Will put on an amazing show. The kids were moving, singing and fully engaged the whole time! His mix of both French and English lyrics worked perfectly for our French immersion school and it was done seamlessly! Will is a true performer and I would happily welcome him to perform at any school.”

Heather Cairns, Toronto principal

“Will’s songs are really fun and have huge appeal for both children and adults. He has an excellent presence in front of an audience. Our students knew a number of the songs before the concert and were thrilled to join in the singing or dancing. What a positive experience for all! We had a wonderful time!”

Susan Mirhady, kindergarten teacher, Vancouver