Project Description

Tottering Biped Theatre

Physical Illusions – Performance (Gr. 3-6)

This impressive performance presents a series of short stories performed through the traditional French storytelling technique of Mime. Using his original take on physical theatre, Trevor Copp presents an underwater adventure, a frantic search for a missing prized possession, a dreamer who is fascinated with the stars and a man determined to learn how to fly.

Liquid Lead – Performance (High School)

‘Liquid Lead Dancing’ is a gender neutral system of partner dancing created by Trevor Copp and Jeff Fox. Trevor and Jeff deliver a talk and workshop promoting the idea of gender equality in dance and life. In this convention-breaking performance, they demonstrate ‘Liquid Lead’ dance technique in salsa, Rumba, and Waltz, and invite students to try it out for themselves.

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Curriculum Connections

Physical Illusions:

  • Storytelling through Mime
  • How body language, movement and facial expressions can create characters, scenes, and express feelings

Liquid Lead:

  • Social conventions and gender norms
  • Movement and roles in partner dancing

Booking Details

School Fee:
Physical Illusions: $610 + HST
Liquid Lead: $976 + HST
Audience Size: 350 (Physical); 150 (Liquid)
Grades: 2-8 (Physical); 9-12 (Liquid)
Language: Physical (Eng/Bil/Fr); Liquid (Eng)
Availability: Year-Round

About Tottering Biped Theatre

Founded by Trevor Copp in 2008, Tottering Biped Theatre emphasizes highly physical and social issue oriented work. Trevor studied theatre and mime at the Marcel Marceau School in Paris and has been recognized with awards such as the Ontario Presents Artist of the Year and a Chalmers Fellowship. He is an actor, director, contact improvisation practitioner, and a former Latin Ballroom Dance competitor.

“He moves with beautiful fluency…simply too creative for words. Highly skilled…a fresh fusion between acting and modern dance.”

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