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TorQ Percussion Quartet

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From Far And Wide: Percussionists’ Journey Through Listening and Sound 

In-person performance

In this “show-and-tell” performance, TorQ Percussion Quartet uses a vast collection of unusual instruments sourced from unexpected places and materials to bring together sounds from the human and natural world. Watch as the artists draw inspiration from the traditional instruments of different cultures as well as modern objects meant to mimic nature.

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink!

In-person performance

This performance is an exploration of how music can be made anytime, anyplace, anywhere, with anything and everything. TorQ’s master percussionists take seemingly ordinary, everyday objects (kitchen utensils, wooden planks, old car parts, even the keys in their pockets!) and transform them into an orchestra of musical instruments.

The Beat Goes On(line): Connecting Through Percussion

Virtual performance

TorQ Percussion Quartet takes you on a virtual musical journey as they showcase the energy and variety of percussion. The members of TorQ will introduce instruments from their vast collection, including the marimba, vibraphone, darbuka, caxixi, cajon, riq, tom-toms, and more! Blending both pre-recorded and live elements, this show features performances of original compositions and improvisations, behind-the-scenes instrument demonstrations.

Ages 4 +

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Bremely Karthigesu
Programming & Community Outreach Manager
416-591-9092 ext. 224


About TorQ Percussion Quartet

Canada’s premiere percussion ensemble, TorQ Percussion Quartet is renowned for their engaging performances and advocacy work in music education. Richard Burrows, Adam Campbell, Jamie Drake, and Daniel Morphy are faculty members of the Durham Integrated Arts Camp, frequent educational collaborators with Soundstreams Canada, and present master classes in high schools and universities across the country.

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