Tara Luz Danse

Les bâtons – Virtual Performance

Inspired by a fun musical instrument called “Boomwhackers”, Les bâtons is a creative, playful and dynamic work that explores the power of imagination. As the performance unfolds, the artists combine their ingenuity to transform these colourful objects in clever and unexpected ways, encouraging audiences to open their own imaginations. Les bâtons also celebrates the coming together of three artistic disciplines found in the Ontario arts curriculum – dance, music and theatre – and how these three art forms can co-exist within one work in unique ways.

Curriculum Connections

Use of movement to express one’s individual creativity

Dance to expand creative thinking and stimulate the imagination

Exploration of new rhythms and sounds through dance and music

Character Development

Experiential Learning

French Education

Teacher Resources: Les bâtons – study guide

Booking Details

School Virtual Performance Fee: $595 + HST
Audience Size: 500
Format: pre-recorded performance with live Q & A

Grades: 1-8
Language: English, Bilingual



About Tara Luz Danse

Founded in 2006 by Franco-Ontarian choreographer Anik Bouvrette, Tara Luz Danse is a contemporary dance company in residence at the Shenkman Arts Centre in Ottawa.  The company creates and presents dance works for audiences of all ages, with a particular focus on young audiences. Through performances and workshops in schools and the community, Tara Luz Danse fosters the discovery of creative and contemporary dance.