Project Description

Squirrel Suit Productions

The ADHD Project – In-Person Performance

Storyteller/Comedian Carlyn Rhamey shares the trials and triumphs of growing up with ADHD and learning to embrace what makes us different. From her diagnosis and placement in a segregated classroom to navigating her “superpower” now as an adult, this is an intimate and honest journey exploring ADHD and celebrating neurodiversity. Welcome to Carlyn’s world of chaos, creativity and combat within her mind!

In-Person Booking Inquiry

Curriculum Connections

Neurodiversity and mental health awareness: Reducing stigma, stereotypes and bullying

Storytelling to promote empathy and inclusion

Overcoming adversity with a positive outlook

Cross Curricular Connections



Inclusion Well-being

Booking Details

School Fee: $488.00 + HST for 1 performance; $854.00+HST for 2 performances
Audience Size: 150
Grades: 4-12

Language: English
Availability: Year-Round

About Squirrel Suit Productions

Carlyn Rhamey is an award-winning storyteller and Co-Founder of Squirrel Suit Productions, a collective dedicated to making a positive impact through theatre. Carlyn performs storytelling and solo work all across Canada.  She is also an ADHD advocate, aspiring clown and a Support Worker for children and adults with special needs.   

“Rhamey is a gifted and charismatic storyteller, endearing, captivating, and tremendously abuzz with charming energy.’’ 

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“…educational, enlightening and entertaining”

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