Project Description

Silk Road Music

Jou Tou – French Traditional Songs from Around the World – Performance

Jou Tou presents French music with a more global and cosmopolitan perspective. This performance delivers a sampling of how French culture has mixed with musical traditions around the world, from Vietnam to Madagascar and the Americas, to create spellbinding new arrangements. Audiences are transported from the cafés of Paris to the Casbahs of Cairo and discover the beauty of cultural exchange. This performance is only available in French or bilingual versions.

China Speaks Your Language – Performance

In this musical adventure, two artists present traditional instrumental pieces, original compositions and Chinese folk songs performed in English, Mandarin and Spanish. The traditional Chinese pipa (lute) is joined in mesmerizing multicultural duets with instruments from around the world such as the Flamenco guitar, Indian flute and the Middle Eastern Oud.

Booking Inquiry

Curriculum Connections

  • Combining musical styles and traditions from different cultures
  • Introduction to instruments of Asia, and French music around the world

Booking Details

School Fee: $610 + HST
Audience: 350
Grades: K-8 (Also Available for High Schools)
Language: English, Bilingual, French
Availability: May 2019

About Silk Road Music

Silk Road Music consists of Qiu Xia He from Shaanxi, China and André Thibault, a Montrealer with Acadian roots. For over twenty years, the award-winning duo has been smashing conventional perceptions surrounding Chinese music by taking traditional instruments in new artistic directions. Their pioneering musical fusions have merged Chinese folk and classical genres with Brazilian, Jazz, Celtic, Spanish, Arabic, Aboriginal and Blues music.

“I was so excited to have you in our school… Performers had such a command of their artistry and also the skills to entertain and engage an audience.”

Principal, North York

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