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Shoestring Opera

The Shoestring Magic Flute – Virtual Performance

This virtual performance of Mozart’s most famous opera, The Magic Flute, brings energy, fun and glorious singing right into the classroom. In this whimsical adaptation, Allegra finds a golden flute on her way home from school. Blowing on it, her street turns into a dark forest. She blows again and out pops Papageno, a strange bird-catcher—with a padlock on his mouth! Through the power of music and the magic of make-believe, Allegra and Papageno embark on an adventure of sharing and self-discovery involving a four-legged, two-winged, fire-breathing dragon, and the even scarier Queen of the Night.  How can Allegra help her new friend and get home in time for her music lesson?  


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Anti-Bullying Awareness
Children’s Opera

Booking Details

School Fee: $548 + HST
Audience Size: 500
Grades: K-6
Language: English
Availability: Year-Round

Format: Pre-recorded video with live Q&A

About Shoestring Opera

Based in Toronto, Shoestring Opera casts are comprised of four musical artists (one soprano, one baritone, one pianist and one cellist) bringing the glory and magic of opera to school children and families.  Since 2004, the company has performed to sold-out audiences across Canada, successfully adapting classic operas in an exuberant, child-friendly format with an emphasis on storytelling and musical excellence.

Shoestring Operas are 45 minutes long, are accessible, relevant and a stretch to the imagination.  Glorious music, madcap humour and great storytelling. Irresistible to all ages!

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