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Rubena Sinha and Diana Tso

Stories of Monkey Queen of the West and Monkey King of the East – In-Person Performance

The legendary Monkey King from Asia, retold by Rubena Sinha, with poetic movements from her South Indian dance roots, meets Diana Tso’s sassy Canadian Monkey Queen. Traditional tales of the Monkey King in the East cross paths with a re-imagined monkey warrior, the Monkey Queen in the West. Stories are inspired by Wu Cheng’en’s 16th century epic, “Journey to the West”. Sinha, and Tso bring a lyrical and dynamic duo performance with storytelling inspired by eastern movements, gestures, sounds, and songs from India and China that ignite audiences to join them in their monkey magic adventures!

Storytelling: Retelling Fairytales from Around the World through Movement and Voice – In-Person Workshop

Our workshop builds skills in confidence and resilience through storytelling with our voices and bodies and empowering us as a community and individuals through our stories. The class will form a collective circle to retell fairytales from around the world incorporating movement and sound. We will begin with South Asian gestures and movement for our land acknowledgement through follow the leader activity. Then we’ll warm up our voices and bodies with sounds and movement and then create sound and movement to use to retell a classic European fairytale, like Red Riding Hood. Rubena Sinha will share India gestures and movement from Indian dance that the students will learn and incorporate in their collective retelling of a South Asian tale. Diana Tso will share gestures and movement from Chinese opera that the students will learn and incorporate in their collective retelling of an Asian tale.

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Booking Details

School Performance Fee: $610.00+HST for 1 show, $850.00 +HST for 2 shows
Audience Size: 125
Grades: K-6

Workshop Fee: $488.00+HST
Audience Size: 30
Grades: K-6

Language: English
Availability: Limited Year-Round

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Coming in September 2020

About Runbena Sinha and Diana Tso

Rubena Sinha is a storyteller based in Toronto, Ontario, who uses her extensive knowledge and experience of South Asian myth and dance to weave stories of life, love, heros and demons. Using movement and text, Rubena creates a world in which the listener encounters talking animals, her family members, and Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. Her stories are often interwoven to incorporate her own personal experience as an immigrant. The audience is encouraged to participate in her stories via movement, making her performances accessible on many levels and for many age groups.

Diana Tso is a storyteller & theatre artist. She’s a graduate of the University of Toronto in English Literature & of Ecole Internationale de Theatre de Jacques Lecoq in France. She is the storytelling professor at George Brown College for the first theatre students. As artistic director of Red Snow Collective her theatre vision merges east & west storytelling art forms through music, movement & text. Her drama plays, Red Snow and Comfort bring to light the resilience of women in war, advocating justice and peace. Her Monkey Queen stories are a re-imagining of the monkey mythologies of the east from the perspective of the woman warrior. Her plays are available at Her most recent theatre performances: Modern Times Stage Company’s The Cherry Orchard, Theatre Smith-Gilmour’s Les Misérables and Stratford Festival’s 2017 season in Bakkhai and The Komagata Maru Incident.