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Randell Adjei

I Am vs You Are – In-Person Performance

This performance works with students to improve their sense of self and knowledge of self- identity. It focuses on the way we inwardly view ourselves and the outward results that portrayal manifests. I Am vs. You Are, allows young people to break down the myth of social identity, and learn to define their place in the world from their perspective. This performance dives into the root cause of bullying, the lack of self-identity which stems from insecurity and fear. Students will get a better understanding of the reasons behind bullying and methods to eliminate it through having a deeper sense of self and belonging.

I Am Not My Struggles – In-Person Performance

The I Am Not My Struggles performance is a spoken word set geared towards reflecting on hardship and adversity. We have the power to transcend the obstacles we face and evolve into better versions of ourselves. Adversity always has lessons and opportunities to offer us. Through this performance, Randell gives audiences the chance to reflect on their challenges and how they can turn their struggles into opportunity and inspire the growth mindset within our youth.

We Suffer To Inspire – In-Person Workshop

Everybody goes through pain and hardship. Despite all factors, no one is devoid of experiencing hardship. It’s not necessarily what happens to us that defines our life but how we choose to respond in the midst of challenge. Through spoken word writing, students will explore and reflect on a challenge they once faced and extrapolate the lessons and the growth it offers them.

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Character Development

Experiential Learning



Booking Details

School Fee for I Am vs. You Are: $610.00
Audience: 300
Grades: 2-8

School Fee for I am Not My Struggles: $610.00
Audience: 300
Grades: 6-12

School Workshop Fee: $488.00
Audience: 30
Grades: 6-12

Language: English
Availability: Year-Round

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Coming in September 2020

About Randell Adjei

Randell Adjei is an entrepreneur, speaker and spoken word practitioner who uses his gifts to empower through Edutainment. He is the founder of one of Toronto’s largest youth led initiatives; Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere (R.I.S.E Edutainment). In 2018, R.I.S.E received the Toronto Arts Foundation’s, Mayor’s Youth Arts Award.
Randell is the author of “I am Not my struggles,” a powerful Anthology released in 2018. He is a cohort 2 Studio Y MaRS DD Fellow and 1 of 4 coaches involved in the Toronto Public Library (Poetry Saved Our Lives) project.
Randell was the Black Canadian Awards – Best Spoken Word award winner in 2015. Randell was also named CBC’s Metro Morning’s Torontonian of the Year in 2015 and NOW Magazines Local Hero in May 2017.
Randell recently opened up for President Barack Obama at the Economic Club of Canada. He has also opened up for Terry Crews, Paul Mooney, Saul Williams and Mayor John Tory.