Njacko Backo

African Voyage/ Voyage Africain

Virtual or In-person performance

In this interactive performance, participants will learn the important role that music, dance, and storytelling play in everyday life in Cameroon, Central Africa. Audience members will experience traditional dance and drumming, listen to a traditional story, and learn about the importance of community in Centre Africa. This program demonstrates the true way that traditional music is played in Cameroon; percussion is not just drums, it includes a variety of instruments. This traditional music is made up of different parts that have to be played together! Each person has to learn how to respect the other parts and find their own place in the music – because that is what makes music clean and sweet.

Ages 4 +

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Programming & Community Outreach Manager
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About Njacko Backo

Entertainer, musician, composer, dancer, choreographer, author and educator Njacko Backo shares his uplifting music, energizing dance, and hope-filled stories with audiences of all ages and all walks of life. Njacko was born in Cameroon in 1958 and raised in the hills in a small village called Bazou, which means “The Walkers.” Musically and spiritually Njacko draws on the lessons he learned in Africa from his musical family, mentors and village life. Although he loved life in the village where he was immersed in music, his dream was to discover the world and to learn all he could about people and different cultures. With adventure in his heart, a mind full of curiosity, Njacko left home at the age of 17, eventually landing in Europe, and then Canada. Njacko moved to Toronto in 1998 where he recreated his band Kalimba Kalimba. In 1999, Toronto-based Music Africa presented Njacko Backo and Kalimba Kalimba their prestigious Fiati Memorial Award for Best Traditional Performance. Since that time, Njacko has grown his band’s sound to include a world flavour by blending traditional instruments (kalimba, djembe, ngoni, balafon) with more modern sounds (bass guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, accordion, flute, drum kit, cello, bagpipes, sitar, dilruba, grand piano, oboe) and other traditional percussion (bata from Cuba, tabla from India, udu, cajon). To date, Njacko has independently released twelve full length albums, one children’s album, three drumming instruction CDs, a drumming instruction DVD, and a DVD with nine music videos.