Project Description

Nathalie Vachon

Imagination on the Loose! – Performance

Follow Nathalie as she spins original tales that engage, inspire and make audiences fall in love with storytelling. This mesmerizing and funny performance takes everyone on an interactive ride through folktales from around the world, adventures told in rhyme, and modern fairy tales with a twist! With lots of audience participation, songs and wordplay, students see that stories can be found everywhere and anywhere!

Stumbling Upon a Story (creative writing) – Workshop

Following a performance of Imagination on the Loose! for up to 100 students, Nathalie Vachon offers the whole group a workshop which plays with language, reaffirms the fun of grammar, and empowers students to be storytellers with a capital S! With her help, students will see for themselves that the blank page offers a world of endless possibilities. Must be booked with a performance.

Booking Inquiry

Curriculum Connections

  • Literacy through storytelling, song and wordplay
  • Creative writing and imagination

Booking Details

School Performance Fee: 1 show $305 + HST, 2 shows $476 + HST, 3 shows $633 + HST
School Workshop Fee: $330 + HST
Audience Size: 100
Workshop Size: 100 (gr. 4-8)
Grades: K-6 (Bilingual show K-3)
Language: English, Bilingual
Availability: Year-Round

About Nathalie Vachon

Nathalie Vachon has delighted audiences in Canada, the U. S. and Asia with her whimsical and imaginative tales. She effortlessly creates stories to spark the imagination and delivers them with heart, warmth and an infectious love of storytelling.

“Between her stories, Nathalie was able to captivate children’s attention. She was amazing. I could see her having her own T.V. show!”

Teacher, Alexander PS, Sudbury

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