Project Description

Motus O Dance Theatre

From Fair & Wide, O Canada – In-Person Performance

From Fair & Wide, O Canada reveals how fairs and festivals began in Canada and the significant impact they have made throughout our country over the centuries. Motus O combines dance, music, and narrative in this colourfully vibrant, entertaining, and educational celebration of how fairs and festivals have shaped our great Canadian history.

Prisoner of Tehran – In-Person Performance

Prisoner of Tehran is a collaboration between Motus O and Marina Nemat, based on Nemat’s bestselling book.  After the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Marina was arrested at the age of sixteen and spent more than 2 years in Evin, a political prison in Tehran, Iran.  Through dance, theatre and storytelling, the show speaks to social justice, oppression, freedom and hope.

Dramatic Dance – In-Person Workshop

Dealing with a fusion of mime, drama and dance for the purpose of storytelling, this workshop provides an introduction to creative movement.  A variety of exercises covering the basics of movement and performance will support participants’ creative expression while working within their natural abilities.

In-Person Booking Inquiry

Curriculum Connections

Cross Curricular Connections

Character Development

Equity & Inclusion

Experiential Learning,

From Fair & Wide

Critical analysis and response in dance, drama and music

Exploring Canadian culture through time

Dance as a means of storytelling

Prisoner of Tehran


Dance and Drama

Social Justice

Booking Details

School Performance Fee – From Fair & Wide, O Canada: $793.00+HST
Audience Size: 300
Grades: 1-6

School Performance Fee – Prisoner of Tehran: $975.00+HST
Audience Size: 300
Grades: 9-12

School Workshop Fee: $305.00+HST
Audience Size: 30
Grades: 1-6

Language: English
Availability: Year-Round

About Motus O Dance Theatre

Since their formation in 1990, MOTUS O has created a multitude of full-length productions.  This award-winning company continues to tour schools and theatres throughout North America, Europe and the South Pacific, bringing innovative and highly visual works to thousands of audience members in both small and large communities.