Project Description

Mike Ford

Canada Needs You! – In-Person Performance

Mike Ford takes audiences on a break-neck tour of Canadian history through explorers’ tales, First Nations lore, the War of 1812, rebellions, early English-French relations, Confederation and a decade-by-decade examination of the country’s explosive 20th century. Journey into the nation’s past, as grade-level curriculum is brought to life across multiple viewpoints in story and song!

Étienne Brûlé Returns – In-Person Performance

Étienne Brûlé Returns takes audiences from 17th century Wendake/Huronia to present-day Toronto, through the eyes of the first European explorer to venture across our country. With his memorable original songs, Mike Ford recreates the amazement and wonder of the ‘’voyageur’’, while questioning what we have become and all that has been lost. A journey of discovery and linguistic and personal rediscovery, Étienne Brûlé Returns is an interactive song-cycle that honors Ontario’s Francophone origins. This performance is only available in French or bilingual versions.

Rapid-Fire Songwriting – In-Person Workshop

Using games of improvisation, brainstorming, rhyme & rhythm and more, Mike leads students through rapid-fire stages of song creation (a basis for their own curriculum-focused musical pieces). The artist works with up to 30 students per one-hour workshop in a classroom with chalkboard (or similar device). He can coach the same group over two or three sessions for in-depth creation of group projects, or different groups throughout the day.

In-Person Booking Inquiry

Curriculum Connections

Social and political change throughout Canadian History

French, English and Indigenous cultures in early Canada

Concepts of Environmental Sustainability and Inclusivity

Cross Curricular Connection

French Education

Experiential Learning

Booking Details

School Performance: $330 + HST for 1 show, $476 + HST for 2 shows, $633 + HST for 3 shows
Audience Size: 90
Grades: 4-8 (also available for 9-12)

School Workshop Fee: $330 + HST
Audience Size: 30
Grades: 4-12

Language: English, Bilingual, French
Availability: Year-Round

Teacher Resources

Please read the descriptions of each guide below to determine which best suits your needs.

Canada Needs You: English Study Guide for All Grade 4-8 English & Bilingual audiences
Etienne Brule & French Shows: French Study Guide for All Grade 4-9 French & Bilingual audiences
Flames Across the Border (1812): extra English Study Guide for All Grade 7 English audiences
Canada Needs You Literacy Worksheets: English resource for Grade 4-8 Literacy audiences
Canada Needs You (High School): Study Guide for all High School English audiences

Mike Ford – Performance Set-Up

About Mike Ford

Mike Ford is a bilingual JUNO-nominated solo artist who has released five acclaimed albums of Canadian history-inspired songs. His fast-paced curriculum-focused concerts are adapted to meet the specific needs of grade levels. Using thought-provoking lyrics, personal anecdotes, humour and a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of Canadian History, Mike has carved a niche for himself as an artist committed to inspiring young people to have a greater interest in Canada’s past and a stronger investment in its present and future.

“His passion for learning about history, the geography of our country, our 2 official languages and the origins of our languages were just a few of the aspects he touched on as he amazed us with his playing and singing. It was a great pleasure to see him again.”

Cheryl Hockin, Teacher

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