Little Pear Garden Dance Company

Dances of China: A Celebration of Asian Heritage in Canada – Virtual Workshop

In this virtual workshop, students will learn a number of Chinese dance styles and their connections to history and geography. A dance instructor will wear local costumes while teaching the dance workshop and explain the cultural background of each design. The workshop also features fun storytellings to encourage participants to practice the unique Chinese dance styles in either classroom or home settings. At the end of the workshop, students will have time to talk to the LPGDC members in a live Q & A.

The Tales of Goddesses and a Painter – In-Person Performance

In this story exploring the creation of cave paintings along the Silk Road, audience members follow the Chinese Empire’s best painter as he travels and is inspired by the many cultures along the way. This visually stunning performance introduces the history of the Silk Road through classic Chinese storytelling and dance, and includes audience participation to learn some basic movements from a number of ethnic dance styles.

Curriculum Connections

Introduction to Chinese culture and history

Dance as a means of storytelling

Cross Curricular Connections

Character Development

Equity & Inclusion

Teacher Resources:

Little Pear Garden Study Guide

Booking Details

School Virtual Workshop Fee: $610 + HST
Audience Size: 500
Format: Live

School In-person Performance Fee: $1,707 + HST
Audience Size: 500

Grades: 1-8, 9-12
Language: English

October, November, 2022 (virtual)
April, May, 2023 (in-person)

About Little Pear Garden Dance Company

Started in 1994 as a Peking Opera collective, then transformed into a professional dance company in 2007, the Little Pear Garden Dance Company is one of the most sought after dance troupes in Canada. Inspired by the rich and diverse tapestry of Chinese dance vocabularies, the Company has created an acclaimed and powerful body of work that encompasses both classical and contemporary productions, warmly received by audience of all ages and cultures. The Company is actively involved in many projects of dance development and promotion, and has enjoyed a consistent presence in festivals, performing seasons and tours. Their current artistic director is Ms. Emily Wing-Mei Cheung.

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Emily Cheung- Producer, Artistic Director, Narrator

Emily Cheung is an educator, performer and choreographer. She received her B.F.A., B. Ed. and M.A from York University specializing in Dance. Most of her training was completed in China, Hong Kong, United States and Canada. She is recognized as one of the leaders in cross-cultural exchange and liaison with foreign artists practicing traditional and contemporary Chinese dance in Toronto. Ms. Cheung also received an award as one of the ten “Voices of Chinese Canadian Woman” in Ontario during the 150th Anniversary celebration of Canada. Ms. Cheung is the Artistic Director of Little Pear Garden Dance Company in Toronto. She specializes in both Chinese Classical dance and Chinese Contemporary dance. Cheung is involved in preserving traditional Chinese dance, creating contemporary dance that honours Chinese traditions, and collaborating with artists from other disciplines and ethnic backgrounds to create works with unique aesthetic sensibilities.

Yi Yuan- Assistant Artistic Director, Dance instructor

Yi Yuan began her Chinese dance training from a young age at the Beijing International Arts School, specializing in both classical and contemporary Chinese dance styles. Yi is a professional performer and experienced dance educator with a BFA and an MA in Dance at York University. Her enthusiasm and motivation in Chinese dance have informed her research interests, focusing on the transmission and the evolution of Chinese dance in Canada.