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Leslie McCurdy

The Spirit of Harriet Tubman – Virtual Performance

There are many plays about Harriet Tubman, but none share her entire life story like a visit with The Spirit of Harriet Tubman. In a stirring, extraordinary performance, Leslie McCurdy invokes the “spirit” of Harriet Tubman as she portrays the life of the famous Underground Railroad conductor, recreating familiar stories and some rarely told, using words said to have been Harriet Tubman’s own. Through it all we learn of the faith and conviction that drove Harriet Tubman to follow her dreams as the spirit of the past connects with the present to inspire her charges to have the courage to do the same in envisioning their future. Called “Brilliant!” and “Something to be seen by everyone!”

Things my Fore-Sisters Saw – Virtual Performance

Written and performed by Leslie McCurdy, this one-woman play introduces audiences to four Black women who affected significant social changes in Canadian History.  This docu-drama portrays real historical events, collected from primary and secondary sources, to share remarkable stories from the lives of Marie-Joseph Angélique –a slave from Montreal, Rose Fortune –the first female police officer in Canada, Mary-Ann Shadd – the first Black female newspaper publisher in Canada, and Viola Desmond, who’s fight against segregation is to be honoured on the Canadian ten-dollar bill in 2018.

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Curriculum Connections

Celebrating leading figures in Canadian and American Black History

Using voice and body language to portray different characters

Character Development

Cross-Curricular Connections

Equity & Inclusion


Booking Details

School Fee – The Spirit of Harriet Tubman: $427 + HST
Audience Size: 300
Grades: 3-12

School Fee – Things my Fore-Sisters Saw: $427 + HST
Audience Size: 300
Grades: 5-12

Book The Spirit of Harriet Tubman and Things my Fore-Sisters Saw for $793+HST

Language: English
Availability: Limited Year-Round

Format: Pre-recorded video and live Q&A