Kaeja d’Dance

EXPRESS DANCE – Virtual or In-Person Workshop

Kaeja d’Dance’s Express Dance workshop encourages students to discover new ways of learning dance generated through their own movement vocabulary, completely engaging and receptive to all diverse forms of personal and cultural experiences. The workshop is suitable for students of all abilities, and is an inclusive simple approach to bringing the joy of dance into any classroom – even virtual ones! Participants will work in small groups to create simple dance phrases, a fun and meaningful way to promote physical activity, social connection, equal leadership and mental well-being in young people. All workshops offered by Kaeja support the current Ontario Arts curriculum guidelines for dance education and are taught by professionally trained dance teachers.

Curriculum Connections

Call and response choreography

Guided improvisation

Combining elements of dance

Responding to rhythms and music

Communicating ideas through dance

Booking Details

In-Person School Workshop Fees:
1 workshop: $700 + HST
2 workshops: $975 + HST

Virtual School Workshop Fee: $610 + HST
Audience Size: 30

Audience Size: 30

Grades: 5-12
Language: English

Limited year-round

About Kaeja d’Dance

Kaeja d’Dance is driven by a commitment to innovation in the performing arts through the expression of dance and gesture. They explore identity, personal stories and the complexity of the human experience by integrating the interconnected mediums of live performance, dance film, and community engagement. They foster the creation of new Canadian professional dance works which are featured locally and internationally and inspire connections between professional artists and the broader community.

Established in 1990, Kaeja creates award-winning contemporary dance performances for stage, film & communities that have toured the world for 30 years. They design large & small-scale events that integrate community & professional dance artists, site-specific work & audience inclusive arts practices. Their outreach programs reach 4,000 participants/learners per year.

Kaeja is driven by two distinct artistic forces, Artistic Directors Karen & Allen Kaeja. Kaeja bridges their visions while the space between invites others in to be key collaborators. The Company has created 200+ works, performed, created & taught worldwide: the UK, Europe, China, Japan, USA, Mexico, Scandinavia, India & Israel among others. Alongside creation & performance Kaeja has been committed to developing & exposing Canadian talent through festival platforms, training & mentorship. Kaeja has received 40+ national & international awards & nominations.

In addition to Kaeja’s live performances, touring shows, residencies, commissions, and dance films, Kaeja also works to bring dance into communities through public space animations, community performance projects, inclusive exchanges with everyday people, appearances and dance education workshops.

Learn more at www.kaeja.org