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Joaquin Nunez & Rumberos

Latin Carnival Experience – In-Person Performance

Cuba and Brazil are two of the most influential countries in world music today. Their culture is rich in rhythms and songs that are very well known all around the world. This program, based in music, singing, and dance, brings to the participants an authentic experience of traditional cultural events that happen in those two countries like carnival, festivals, and community events. Genres such as: Samba, Bossanova, Partido alto and Batucada from Brazil and Conga, Cha Cha Cha, Salsa and from Cuba, are based on percussion ensembles which make them ideal for large groups and the essential work material for this program, but also applies for music ensemble alike: bands, orchestra, and others. No previous knowledge of music required, just the passion and love to do it.

Cuban Brazilian Drumming – In-Person Workshop

At the beginning of each session the instructor gives a brief description of the cultural history of Cuba or Brazil and the place these events have in it, as well as the relationship between music, dance, costume, and other forms of arts. Then a practical demonstration of how the music is executed in its origins, using the traditional instruments takes place.

The instructor will set up different sessions of instruments, with each one playing different patterns. Every session may have up to 10 members. Students will develop listening, concentration, and focus skills while working as a team. Vocal chants and harmony parts are introduced; these can be translated to string and orff instruments.

Students will learn traditional dance steps and authentic choreography to complement each of the beats.

The result is an energetic beat full of colour and polyrhythm with unique harmonic designs. Every participant can experience Cuba and Brazil cultural Root in a unique and authentic way that can be shared with friends, family, and their community. This workshop is fun while allowing students to develop social skills, patience, determination, and self-discipline.

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Booking Details

School Performance Fee: $793.00 + HST
Audience Size: 500
Grades: K-12

School Workshop Fee: $427.00 + HST
Audience Size: 60
Grades: K-12

Language: English
Availability: Year-Round

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About Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo

Founder of Rumberos Drums Academy, that specialize on private and group classes on Latin Percussion ( hand drums and drums set) for all ages. In addition provide Classic Percussion classes and piano classes for beginners.

Rumberos Drums Company offers once a year a Cultural Drumming Retreat, inside and outside Canada, with the purpose of increasing the knowledge and performing experience of our students and DRUMS LOVERS. We have gained a reputation and place inside the Drumming community in Toronto. Also offers every five years the Cuban Symposium of Music and Dance (2015, 2020); focused on teachers’s professional development (