Project Description

Jack and Cosima Grunsky

Like Father, Like Daughter: Family Music Traditions

Performance by Jack and Cosima Grunsky

Drawing on a vast repertoire of finely crafted original songs, Jack and Cosima Grunsky have joined forces in a new fun-filled interactive program featuring a wide range of instruments.

Jack and Cosima’s gentle approach to engaging students with their unique brand of family music traditions will inspire, teach respect and nurture a sense of self-worth and community spirit.

Booking Inquiry

Curriculum Connections

  • Songs for learning and self-discovery
  • Sharing traditions and singing together

Booking Details

School Fee: $805 + HST
Audience: 300
Grades: K-6
Language: English, Bilingual
Availability: Limited Year-Round

Teacher Resources

Jack & Cosima – Study Guide

Jack & Cosima – Performance Set-Up

Mp3 files – English Songs
Mp3 files – French Songs
(Note: Mp3 Files will open up a new tab. Click on the link in the new tab to download a zip file of the music files.)

About Jack and Cosima Grunsky

Jack Grunsky is a renowned Juno award-winning children’s performer who has charmed young audiences for over three decades.  Cosima Grunsky has grown up with and through music, performing alongside her father since she was eight years old. With her angelic voice and strong musicality, Cosima has evolved into a dynamic solo artist, delighting young children with her unique “Cozy Music” brand.