Project Description

Felt Heart Collective

Marina & The Cryptids– In-Person Performance

An extraordinary adventure brought to life with enchanting puppetry. Moving to a new town was hard enough, but now Marina is lost and alone in a mysterious forest. To find her way out she’ll need the help of the Cryptids: the strange and hilarious puppet creatures who live in the trees. Join Marina on a journey of self-discovery as she learns to cope with anxiety and to believe in herself.

Meet the Cryptids – In-Person Workshop

Meet the cast of Marina & The Cryptids and see up close how the puppeteers bring the Cryptids to life! Participants of this workshop will learn simple puppetry techniques, the basics of storytelling with puppets and how to make a Cryptid of their own using objects from around the house or classroom.

In-Person Booking Inquiry

Curriculum Connections

Character Development


Booking Details

School Performance Fee: $975.00 + HST
Audience Size: 500
Grades: 1-6

School Workshop Fee: $488.00 + HST
Audience Size: 30
Grades: 3-6

Language: English
Availability: Limited Year-Round

Teacher Resources

Downloads coming September 2020