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Fana Soro

Yamo! Yamo! Greetings from West Africa! – In-Person Performance

Yamo! Yamo!” (Hello! How are you doing!in Baoulé) from the charismatic ambassador of West African culture! In this dynamic and interactive performance, Fana Soro, a hereditary master musician of the Senoufo people, shares the musical traditions of his home country to showcase the soaring melodies, driving rhythms and spirited dances of ancient West African performing arts.

West African Drumming and Dance – In-Person Workshop

This workshop offers a flexible structure which can be tailored to your needs (all dance, all music, or a combination of the two to give your students a taste of everything.) As a master percussionist, Fana will introduce traditional playing techniques of the djembé, West Africa’s most popular drum, as well as other hand-held percussion instruments. He will share call and response in various languages native to northern Ivory Coast. Must be purchased as 2 consecutive workshops + a performance, or one full day of four workshops.

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Curriculum Connections

Music, dance and percussion instruments of West Africa

French cultures around the world

Cross Curricular Connections

Equity & Inclusion

French Education


Booking Details

School Performance Fee: $671.00 + HST
Audience Size: 350
Grades: K-8 (Also available for High School)

School Workshop Fee: $214.00 + HST
Workshop Size: 30
Grades: K-12

Language: English, Bilingual, or French
Availability: Limited Year-Round

About Fana Soro

Fana Soro is a musician, dancer and educator from the Ivory Coast, where he was a member of the prestigious Ballet National de Côte d’Ivoire. He is the creative director of the performance group Masabo in Vancouver. Since 1997, Fana has been a cultural ambassador for West Africa, bringing his vast experience of engaging students to over a hundred Canadian schools every year.

“I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for the gift of the drumming experience today at the assembly. Informative, cultural, musical, hands-on, fun, interesting, and professionally educationally exceptional in the delivery; my music intelligence mind was on overdrive. I am still smiling.”

Kim Wakeford, Core French Teacher, Bridgeport PS

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