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Dusk Dances – Virtual Performance

In 2020, in response to the pandemic, Dusk Dances created its first-ever virtual edition, showcasing the works of choreographers Santee Smith, Julia Aplin and Gerry Trentham, musicians Amadou Kienou, Patty Chan and Marjolaine Fournier, and theatrical host Vincent Leblanc-Beaudoin.

Experience the power and beauty of Mohawk choreographer Santee Smith in Blood Tides, the fun and fanciful journey of love in Julia Aplin’s Onward Ho, My Love, and Gerry Trentham’s stunningly visual Monument achingly exploring feelings of loss. Enjoy the mastery of musician Amadou Kienou, from West Africa, playing the Kora, and the enchanting sounds of erhu and a double bass, played by Patty Chan and Marjolaine Fournier. This virtual edition of Dusk Dances is beautifully filmed and edited by William Yong, whose innovative cinematographic vision brings each segment to life in a very unique and engaging manner. Additionally, Dusk Dances: A virtual edition for schools, connects the viewers to a number of stunning outdoor sites, in Toronto and beyond.

Curriculum Connections

Cross Curricular Connections

Exploration of new rhythms and sounds through dance and music

Dance to expand creative thinking and stimulate the imagination


Character Development

Professions in the performing arts

Teacher Resources: Dusk Dances Study Guide

Booking Details

School Fee: $743 + HST
Audience Size: 500
Grades: 4-12
Language: English and Bilingual

Format: Pre-recorded video with a live Q&A

Available: limited year-round

About Dusk Danse

Incepted in 1993 by Festival Director Sylvie Bouchard, Dusk Dances is a curated, outdoor festival that brings dance to public parks. As dusk descends, a theatrical host leads the audience through eclectic dance pieces that unfold in different areas of a park. Dusk Dances utilizes the beauty and power of outdoor sites to present dance pieces that are magical and surprising.

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