David Lane

From Humming to Mouth Drumming – In-Person or Virtual Workshop

An interactive workshop of vocal gymnastics that will have your students singing and laughing along! The topics covered will include vocal exercises, instrument imitation, and beatboxing. Students will be encouraged to express their individuality by using their voices to create a wide array of silly and fun sounds. The workshop will include demonstration, call and response, and interactivity. Participants will experiment making sounds with their mouth on their own, and share with the group within their own comfort level. We will learn many individual sounds, and ultimately combine what we have learned to beatbox along with an actual song. Expect to be laughing a lot as you make sounds you’ve never made before!                                                                   

You Can Beatbox! – In-Person of Virtual Workshop

This exciting and interactive workshop kicks off with a short beatboxing performance, before your students begin learning to make a variety of beatbox noises of their own!  The students will learn about real percussion instruments, and use their critical ear to breakdown how beats are constructed in different styles of music. The workshop culminates in the students working together to apply the beatboxing basics they learned to a song of their choosing.  Expect a lot of interaction and a lot of laughs as your students try things they have never done before!   

The activities employed in this workshop will incorporate all three strands of the Ontario Arts Curriculum: Creating and Performing, Reflecting, Responding and Analyzing, and Foundations.  The workshop also includes an optional supplementary Beatboxing unit, with 5 lesson plans and handouts.

Curriculum Connections

Versatility of the human voice

Musical arrangements and interpretations

Cross-Curricular Connections

Experiential Learning

Teacher Resources

Booking Details

In-Person School Workshop (From Humming to Mouth Drumming) Fee: $945 + HST
Audience Size (In-Person): 300

In-Person School Workshop (You Can Beatbox!) Fee: $551 + HST
Audience Size (In-Person): 60

Virtual School Workshop Fee: $457 + HST
Audience Size (Virtual): 300-500
Format: Live

Grades: K – 8
Language: English
Dates for the 2023/2024 season coming soon!

About David Lane

Formerly of the Juno-nominated quartet “Cadence”, David has been beatboxing for well over a decade, and has always enjoyed making silly sounds and exploring the limits of the human voice. He holds degrees in Music Performance and Education, and is a dynamic and engaging educator with over 7 years of performing experience and 500+ Educational workshops under his belt. He currently sings with the New York City based group “Duwende”. He has appeared on America’s Got Talent, toured with Grammy award winning-artists, opened for Jay Leno, and his two groups have garnered more than 5 million views on YouTube.