Project Description

Britta B

Rebel with a Rhyme – Performance

Through a mix of poetry performance and conversation, Britta B illustrates how she first came to recognize her voice through the art form of spoken word poetry and how it turned into her career. Her talk explores themes of identity, diversity, women’s empowerment and resiliency as a platform for creative and thriving communities.

SPEAK – Workshop

SPEAK is an introduction to spoken word workshop providing students an opportunity to develop writing and performance techniques. This session includes a brief history of oral traditions, writing prompts and energizing activities to build confidence and gain comfort with on-stage performance.

Booking Inquiry

Connections and Themes

  • Cross Curricular Connections
  • Experiential Learning
  • Equity & Inclusion
  • Literacy
  • Well-being

Booking Details

School Performance
$549 + HST
Audience Size: 500

School Workshop
Fee: $305+HST
Workshop Size:
Grades: 5-12

Language: English
Availability: Year Round

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About Britta B 

Britta B. is a Toronto-based spoken word poet, emcee and arts educator. Her poetry has featured in notable spheres such as TEDx, The Walrus Talks, The Stephen Lewis Foundation, and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Britta is an alumna of the Toronto Arts Council Leaders Lab and a current member of the League of Canadian Poets.

Twitter: @missbrittab
Instagram: @missbrittab