Project Description


The Evolution of B-boying – Performance

B-boying and B-girling (Breakdancing) was born in the early 1970s with roots in Funk music and contemporary African American culture. B-boy Crazy Smooth and his powerful company of dancers take you on a trip through the evolution of the dance form, featuring an interactive dance battle where the audience picks the winner!

Foundations of B-boying – Workshop

This workshop offers a unique chance to safely learn B-boying and B-girling (also called Breaking) and Hip Hop dance culture from dedicated professionals. Must be booked with a performance.

Booking Inquiry

Curriculum Connections

  • Roots of contemporary and urban dance
  • Dance as a creative and personal means to express thoughts and emotions

Booking Details

School Performance Fee: $1,073 + HST
School Workshop Fee: $640 + HST (2 simultaneous workshops)
Audience Size: 300
Workshop size: 30/workshop
Grades: K-8 (Also Available for High School)
Language: English, Bilingual, French
Availability: Feb-Mar 2020

About Artist

Yvon Soglo (a.k.a. B-boy Crazy Smooth), is one of Canada’s top street dancers. His professional experience includes instructing Cirque du Soleil acrobats and performing at the Nancy Jazz Pulsations festival in France. His work is dedicated to promoting and preserving the true essence of all street dances and sharing his philosophy that if one is truly expressing oneself, their dance will most definitely be impressive.

“The performance was AMAZING!!! So engaging, so interesting and fun….Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents and skills with us and for fostering a love of dance in our students!”

Jennifer Smith , Jackman Avenue Junior Public School

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