Project Description

Ballet Creole

Heart of Cuba – Performances

Heart of Cuba celebrates Cuban dance and traces its history to its roots. Traditional dances in Cuba are very diverse and take their influences from Africa, Spain, and the rest of the Caribbean. The Afro-Cuban dance was originally developed with the intermixing of the African dance of the slaves and the flamenco of the Spanish masters. The drum plays a central role in the traditional dances, its rhythms direct the movement of the dancers – melding movements and music into one.

Benkadi – Performance

Benkadi is a special presentation for Black History Month that explores the vibrant cultural heritage of Guinea’s Malinke people! Please note that Benkade is the only show offered in February.

Afro-Caribbean Dance – Workshop

A dance teacher (accompanied by a drummer) will combine structured contemporary dance technique with the physicality of traditional movements derived from  the African Diaspora. This is an exhilarating class, challenging and mastering the body’s ability to move to the central control of the core. If 2 or more workshops are booked in advance of a school performance, students can take part in a flash mob during the show!

Booking Inquiry

Curriculum Connections

  • Dance as a means of social expression
  • Evolution of dance and music through cross-cultural migration and contact

Booking Details

School Fee: Performance: $884 + HST; Workshops: $488 + HST
Audience Size: Performance: 350; Workshops: 75
Grades: K-8 (Also available for High Schools)
Language: English
Availability: Feb-June 2020

Teacher Resources

Study Guides – Coming Soon

Ballet Creole – Performance Set-Up

About Ballet Creole

Ballet Creole was founded in 1990 by Patrick Parson, a Trinidadian-born dancer, choreographer, drummer and educator. The company is committed to creating a dance legacy in Canada through performance and educational projects. Ballet Creole’s versatile dancers and musicians perform traditional and contemporary dance and music from around the world, with a particular emphasis on the Afro-Caribbean diaspora.

“My favorite part of seeing Ballet Creole in the schools is the joy of movement you inspire…After you left today, students were dancing in the halls and playground. They were experiencing movement in a new way telling their stories and experiencing the true joy of movement that is so often overlooked in our school day and beyond. Thanks again!”

Ms. Grossman Rosenbaum, Hollywood PS, TDSB