Virtual Professional Development Teacher Workshops

Learn new ways to incorporate storytelling, music, and Indigenous education into your classroom! Our artists have put together a variety of professional development workshops that can be incorporated into your virtual or in person classroom.

Cost: $510 for up to 50 participants.

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Marcus Lundgren from DuffleBag Theatre

DuffleBag Theatre’s Artistic Director Marcus Lundgren will give teachers a fun framework for team building with their students while inspiring self-confidence in each participant. This workshop offers a springboard for curricular links to exploration of literature elements, aspects of drama, and critical thinking. The workshop will be a participatory demonstration of a project, and will include hand-out materials and suggested adjustments for different grade levels and neuro-diverse learners.

Found Sound Rhythm Workshop – Bringing Music to the Class Without Singing.
Richard Burrows of TorQ Percussion Quartet

In this workshop teachers will explore the many ideas of creating rhythm through improvisation, and structured grooves using objects found around the house or classroom. One of the most important skills to have in music is listening, including the way we listen to each other, ourselves and to the instruments we play. Playing found sounds around the house or in the classroom encourages exploration and creativity to create sounds out of everyday objects.

The performance material includes pedagogy based on improvised play as well as structured grooves. For the improvised material, we look at various ways to improvise including call and answer, imitation, free form, and gestural conducting. For the structured grooves, we look at simple four-part compositions that can be created by the students or by the teacher themselves using a simplified compositional technique of using numbers instead of music notation.

Workshops with Rukhsana Khan:

Be the Storyteller for your Classroom

Storytelling is an ancient art that’s remarkably effective no matter what the circumstances. It involves using your voice to establish authority and engage your students to learn. With a look, with a change of tone, with a bit of inflection, you can keep your students’ attention in the palm of your hand! In this workshop Rukhsana will teach the secrets of the trade so that you can apply it to your own teaching methods.

The Art of Grammar and Syntax

When writing both fiction and non-fiction grammar refers to the set of rules that make sense of your ideas. Syntax (the order of words in a sentence) can create focus and innuendo that furthers your narrative or argument in a way that is subliminal and extremely effective. Each sentence has a focus, and in this workshop, Rukhsana explores how to craft your sentences to create a narrative or essay that will sway most any reader.

Introduction to Indigenous Dance
Tribal Vision

Elementary School Teachers:

Using the story of How the Raccoon Got His Mask, Tribal Vision Dance will show teachers how to incorporate different learning techniques. Teachers will explore the meaning behind the story, learn dance steps, and learn a character trait exercise to take back to their classrooms.

High School Teachers:

Tribal Vision Dance will lead teachers through the importance of Indigenous dance and regalia. Using various resources like the official government circular from Duncan Campbell Scott forbidding Indigenous gatherings and dances and videos of dances from different Indigenous communities, teachers will learn how to incorporate these elements into their teaching.


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