As you may have noticed, Prologue recently made a subtle but carefully considered change to our name and logo. Starting in March 2020, Prologue to the Performing Arts will officially become Prologue Performing Arts. (without ‘to the’)

Why the change, you ask?

Prologue was founded 54 years ago with the goal of introducing young people across Ontario to the vibrant world of the performing arts. Honouring this legacy and years of impact, we are also working to embrace the many changes that have taken place within our arts and educational landscape since 1966. While some of the young people we reach may be new to the performing arts, we know that many are already actively involved before a Prologue artist steps foot in a given school. In other words, in 2020 we are not simply introducing young people to the performing arts but welcoming them, listening to them and learning from them – they are active agents in the creative experiences that take place in schools.

We hope that this new, simpler look has captured a spirit of inclusivity and empowerment through the arts that we all seek. We also hope that it will help us to grow and reach more young people through accessible and impactful performing arts experiences for years to come. Join us in this next chapter in Prologue’s story!

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Tim Whalley

Executive Director

Prologue Performing Arts