Introducing Prologue’s New 2018-19 Artists!

We are thrilled to introduce you to the 9 new artists and shows for the 2018-19 season. From stories of acceptance, to songs in French with ASL interpretation, to First Nations traditions, and creative dance, you will find new options for all types of artistic learning, right in your school. Take a look at the highlights of this year’s new artist and shows, and click on each to be directed to the artist’s page for more information, including video clips. Be sure to contact 1-888-591-9092 or [email protected] for more information or to book.

Axis Theatre

Axis Theatre brings us a theatrical retelling of Robinson Crusoe + Friday with an imaginative physical theatre flair that embraces friendship, empathy, self-esteem, communication and cultural differences. This is the perfect holiday show for the whole school! Also offered: physical theatre workshops. K-8, Limited availability Nov-Dec 2018.

Kahurangi Maori Dance Theatre

We’re thrilled to bring back Kahurangi Maori Dance Theatre, enchanting audiences with dazzling spectacles bringing to life the traditional songs and dances of New Zealand’s Maori people – perfect for the whole school! Dance & Music workshops also offered. K-12, Limited availability March-April 2019.

Motus O Dance Theatre

Motus O Dance Theatre comes back to Prologue with two stunning new productions and a dance theatre workshop.

From Fair & Wide: O Canada combines dance, music, and narrative in this colourfully vibrant, entertaining, and educational celebration of how fairs and festivals have shaped our great Canadian history. Gr. 1-6, Year-Round Availability.

Prisoner of Tehran, based on Marina Nemat’s best-selling book, speaks to social justice, oppression, freedom and hope. Gr. 9-12, Limited Availability Year-Round.

Raine Hamilton

Folk singer songwriter Raine Hamilton uses her guitar, violin, and voice in a set of stories and songs about her heart-opening journey to self-acceptance. Raine believes that music is for everyone, so she offers the show with American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation to make her shows more accessible to the Deaf community, and to increase awareness of inclusion. She also offers songwriting workshops. Gr. 4-12, Limited Availability Mar-May 2019, Bilingual available; Available as solo, duo, or w/ASL interpretation.

Red Sky Performance

Red Sky Performance, a leading company of contemporary Indigenous performance, brings their renowned production of Mistatim, about the taming of a wild horse and the truest of friendships. K-8, Limited Jan-Mar 2019.

Sheldon Casavant

Sheldon Casavant is back with his non-traditional approach to magic. In Exploring the Impossible, he shares his personal childhood story of how he discovered the secrets of magic tucked away in his local library, changing his life forever. K-8, Limited Mar-Apr 2019.

Squirrel Suit Productions

In The ADHD Projectstoryteller/comedian Carlyn Rhamey shares the trials and triumphs of growing up with ADHD and learning to embrace what makes us different. Gr. 6-12, Available Year-Round.

Tara Luz Danse

Tara Luz Danse comes to us from Ottawa, bringing Les bâtons, a creative dance piece inspired by a musical instrument called “Boomwhackers.” Through dance, movement, and music, the artists use their imagination to transform these colourful objects in clever and unexpected ways, encouraging audiences to think outside the box! K-8, French & Bilingual only, Limited Availability Mar-May 2019.

Will Stroet

Will Stroet’s Just Imagine is an interactive, multilingual show in English and French (with some Mandarin) with witty wordplay and sign language exploring themes of literacy, creativity, and living a healthy and active lifestyle. K-6, Eng/BIL/French, Limited Availability Oct 2018 & Apr 2019.