Prologue’s French and bilingual roster and other resources (updated Dec. 8, 2015)

This page offers a table of contents of Prologue’s French-related resources.

Notez que notre site web est entièrement bilingue et que l’équipe de Prologue comprend du personnel en mesure de répondre à vos appels et vos courriels en français! 

French and/or bilingual roster for 2015-2016
Want to show your students that French is out there, beyond the classroom? Prologue offers engaging shows and workshops for Core French, and Early and Extended French Immersion students. Click on the names to access our website’s pages.

Click here to access our interactive French & bilingual catalogue for 2015-2016 (you might need to download the PDF and “allow” to access its interactive components.) (Cliquez ici pour notre catalogue en français sur les spectacle offerts en français.)

French AND bilingual versions
AKA Dance
Arsenal à musique
Ballet Jörgen Canada
Fana Soro
Faustwork Mask Theatre
Mike Ford
Philippe Flahaut
Puzzle Théâtre
Silk Road Music
ONLY in French version
Cie Vox Théâtre
ONLY in bilingual version
DuffleBag Theatre
Jack Grunsky
Nathalie Vachon
Shoestring Opera

French posts on our blog
Consult the section En FRANÇAIS of our blog Showtime! to access our French posts. (Consultez la section En FRANÇAIS de notre blog pour accéder aux billets en français.)