DuffleBag Theatre links Prologue under Booking Information

We were curious to find out if there’s a difference between the companies who post a link to www.www.prologue.org on their website, and those who don’t. With 52 companies on our roster for the season 2014-2015, we have a good sampling of different online marketing strategies used by artists (or not!). 

So we’ve studied WHO promotes Prologue on their website and compared it with their sales! Here’s what we found.

Out of 52 artists in 2014-2015:
• 62% (32) DON’T include a link to www.prologue.org on their website.
• 38% (20) of our companies DO include a link to www.prologue.org (either leading to the main page or to the artist specific page on our website).

We compared this with the number of sales per company: 
• The average sales for the companies WITHOUT a link to Prologue was 22 shows per year. 
• The average sales for the companies WITH a link to Prologue was 38 shows per year. 

Since many of our companies have limited availability (allowing us to book their performance only 1-2 weeks in the year), it is understandable that they would choose not to bother including Prologue’s link. (Some however, like National Ballet of Canada, still choose to support Prologue’s touring on their website. See how they do it.)

So we compared numbers again (excluding companies with limited availability):
• For 18 companies WITHOUT a link to Prologue, that don’t have limited availability, average sales was 26 shows per year. 
• For 14 companies WITH a link to Prologue, that don’t have limited availability, average sales was 49 shows per year.

Tribal Vision Dance chose to link Prologue on their home page

We are not suggesting that adding a Prologue link to your website will double your sales! But it appears that our companies who value their partnership with Prologue enough to include a link on their websites do much better than the others.

We suspect that companies who take the time to include Prologue’s link on their website never miss a chance to promote their relation with Prologue through word-of-mouth.

How they do it
Where you place the Prologue link doesn’t seem to have an impact, as long as it is easy for a school to find how to book your performances for young audiences on your website. Some companies have a Booking section, others an Education category.

Listed below are links to the pages from our companies that generated the most referrals to our website, in decreasing order (based on our analytics for 2014-2015)

Check these out to see how they did. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel! We’re giving the full URL so you can easily see what kind of category they chose.


By the way, here’s our logo!

You can simply:
1) Drag it to your desktop
2) Copy it on your website
3) Add the URL link of your specific page found on www.prologue.org
4) Even better if you also link the logo to your Prologue page!

Rukshana Khan posts Prologue’s link under Presentations