Go west young woman!

When given the opportunity, Prologue’s artists and companies are always more than willing to lend a hand to each other. 

When Marla from Faustwork Mask Theatre went on tour out west last November, our Touring Manager Stéphanie asked Marcus from DuffleBag Theatre if he could pass on a few tips for traveling through the rockies and out west.

Marcus generously provided the following advice:
1) Keep non-perishable food in the car. Sometimes by the time you get to remote communities for an overnight stay stores, restaurants are closed – or not really offering a great selection.
2) Make sure you have water.
3) Make sure your gas tank is full (perhaps you should carry an extra gerican of gas?)
4) Make sure you have a good old printed map available – GPS does not always work well in Mountains, remote areas.
5) Cell coverage is limited – Bell and Telus are better than ROGERS – but still coverage not always available.
6) Do you have CAA? Also you will travel at night at times – Because it gets darker quicker, sooner on the East side of the mountain.
7) Have kittie litter in the car in case you get stuck in the snow.
8) You will see animals and wildlife – so be aware…

The show must go on!