Christine Jackson (Program Coordinator, The Arts/TDSB) drawing winners
of TDSB’s two Prologue school shows give-away

Prologue’s Spring Showcase 2014
Cool hosts, great crowd, superb performances

Yesterday was the perfect occasion for Toronto teachers to have a taste of Prologue’s school programming for 2014-2015 (and have the chance to win a few shows for their school). 

Presenting two shows “back to back”

Sheesham and Lotus were hosting the evening, with their trademark Old Time charm, teasing kids who came to draw names for the raffle, entertaining us with a fantastic hambone session between two sets and ad-libbing throughout the showcase.

Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre seduced us all with an excerpt from their new show The Last Polar Bears.

Boris Sichon started his performance with a bang, as Marco Polo on his trips, launching on a jam performed on the most bizarre selection of musical instruments (which happen to be on his ship because his crew comes from all over the world).

Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre in action, followed by Boris Sichon as Marco Polo
Stand Up Dance

Stand Up Dance performers talked to us as they danced their way through the conflicting emotions which walk hand in hand with young love.

Red Sky Performance‘s dancer impersonating the horse in Mistatim made us forget he was a man. Our imagination would fill in the blanks to see the unbroken fierce horse a young boy and his new friend will try to tame.

Red Sky Performance in Mistatim

CréaSon closed the showcase with a great deal of interactivity, starting with the teachers in the audience, followed by a jam with the kids. Read this post to find out what’s a xylo-hockey! They used it to perform Popcorn, the popular hit from the 60s.

We invite the parents of the children who were on the stage to contact us if they want us to send them the photos or if they want us to delete any photo from our blog.

At the Young People’s Theatre

In the artists room at the YPT 

Rag & Bone Puppelt Theatre
Hambone jam session by Sheesham and Lotus. Contagious fun!

Stand Up Dance (getting to know each other)

Stand Up Dance (love can be hard)

Raffle of YPT and Soulpepper Theatre tickets

Patty Jarvis, Prologue’s Executive Director
CréaSon makes the teachers swing to the left…
… and swing to the right.
CréaSon performing on xylo-hockey and drum set made of recycled items

Big round of applause for a succesful showcase!