For teachers, principals, arts educators…

This page offers a table of contents of all the posts we publish in our blog Showtime! that are relevant for teachers and principals, and arts educators. We keep adding on to this list and hope you find these posts useful. Don’t hesitate to suggest topics you would like us to cover, in the comment box below.

High-fives from the schools

We can brag all we want but we’re aware that nothing beats word-of-mouth for your colleagues. See what other teachers said about Prologue’s school performances. We keep adding to this page. (Read more)


Prologue is finally on Pinterest!

We have started to create Pinterest boards to help you get the most out of our artists performances. They included fun resources, cool activities, great YouTube clips, anything that adds to the experience of a Prologue performances. Check our Pinterest page (Read more)

Literacy tips: How to engage students with storytelling

Storyteller Rukhsana Khan has posted a video clip on YouTube explaining how to use storytelling to engage kids into a conversation about her book Big Red Lollipop. You’ll see. It’s very sweet! (Read more
Have you heard about Speak Dating?

Want to hear about a very cool idea to promote languages in your school? (Read more)

MONEY MATTERS (Grants, subsidies, inscriptions)
Want some cool fundraising ideas? 

Visit our Pinterest board For SCHOOLS: Fundraising Ideas and For SCHOOLS: Bake Sale Ideas, both offering a collection of very cool fundraising ideas for Fairs and other events involving your school community.

Do you qualify for TDSB subsidized school performances? 

Once again, for 2014-2015, the TDSB Arts Department has provided funding to bring live performances to schools through Prologue to the Performing Arts… (Read more

D-Day Dance: When dance meets… History

For history teachers! See how dance serves History in this YouTube clip on an epic choreography created to re-enact D-Day in France. (Read more)
Thoughts from OMEA’s Soundscape 2014

When looking at OMEA’s programme, we realized that some school performances by Prologue’s artists can help teachers reach goals that were addressed by many OMEA teaching workshops during its last conference. (Read more

Arts program transforms a failing school

Short story in the news (in the States) about a school principal who decided to scrap the security program and put the money into the arts. (Read more)   

Pop music meets… school spirit

See how this French school in Toronto used pop music and the making of a video clip to promote the very important message that succeeding is ctually really cool!  (Read more)


20 TIPS for new teachers
Check this article on 20 tips to help new teachers keep their passion. (It seems there’s lots of good stuff for experienced teachers too!) Many teachers quit their job only a few years after they’ve graduated. At Prologue, we know how tough it can be out there for someone who badly wants to make a difference in the life of children. This article could help make it

a bit easier. (Read more) 
You are needed 

Or is it “Your needed”? (Read more


Bref… je suis un prof! 

Vous connaissez ce clip sur YouTube nous montrant toute une journée de la vie d’une enseignante en trois minutes? Hilarant, en français, avec près de 1.5 million de “views”! (Pour en savoir plus)  

Arts Advocacy: Quotes and links to inspire and explain

Whenever we see an inspiring quote advocating Arts Education, we add it to this list… (Read more)