Is your tech sheet up to snuff?
In addition to some of the spatial and technical requirements you may have, one key element in Prologue’s tech sheet for your performance is providing an accurate estimate of the required setup time. 

The setup time on your tech sheet is very important to the schools. They rearrange their schedules around that time and often ask volunteers to help unload. It is therefore crucial that the amount of time provided in the tech sheet does reflect the actual setup time. 

Many of our artists have indicated they need one hour for setup time when they actually need only 30 minutes. Not a good practice. From the school’s point of view, if you arrive 30 minutes before your performance, but said you would need an hour of setup time, you’re late! It can be very stressful for them. They worry you won’t have time to get ready and that they won’t be able to fit a late show into their schedule.

As seasoned pros, you know how long it takes for you to settle in and make sure the performance space is ready. So please make sure to provide an accurate estimate on the tech sheet!

In case of late arrival
There are of course unpredictable and uncontrollable events that can get in the way. If you ever anticipate a late arrival, please call the school (booking contact or administration is indicated on your scheduled performance details) or call Prologue. We will make sure to reassure any anxious administrative staff that is eagerly awaiting your arrival!

Post written by Émilie Charlebois 
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Sales and Administrative Assistant
Assistante à l’administration et aux ventes