This week, at Prologue, we learned how to tag a “friend” from our Facebook fan page!

Prologue “likes” all the performing artists it represents on Facebook.
Why? For three reasons. And these reasons are valid for any business promoting other business, such as presenters. 

First, we get to read their latest posts on our newsfeed. Second, we can tag them whenever we mention them in our posts. This way, they know we’re thinking about them (and they can feel the love…), and it promotes them to all our followers, who can then share the info on their own timeline. Third, it tells their followers Prologue exists.

Little problem with the second reason
Prologue’s problem is that out of 52 companies we represent, over fifteen don’t have a fan page! Prologue’s fan page can not “friend” someone who doesn’t have a fan page, it can only “like” fan pages. (I’ll explain further down this post how to work around this.)

Consider Cadence, one of the companies we represent. They have a fan page so we can tag them in our posts (as you can see below).

But we can’t tag Carl Berger, one of Cadence’s members. His Facebook page is a personal page so Facebook won’t highlight his name in blue when we write posts on our Prologue page. 

Carl can’t know we talked about him unless he sees our post on his timeline, assuming he has liked our Prologue fan page (you’ve liked our page, Carl, haven’t you?).

On the other hand, on my own personal page, I can tag Carl Berger because we are friends on Facebook.

When my friends see this post, they can click on his name and it will lead them to Carl’s Facebook page (where they will find out why I said that Carl is Breaking Bad’s groupie). This is what appeared on Carl’s timeline at the time I was writing this post. He can see that I talked about him and react to my post (which he did by “liking” it).

I was wondered how to do the same on Prologue’s page and I found this video clip by Michelle Pescosolido and here’s what I learned.

The way around this problem
I’m one of the administrators of Prologue’s Facebook page. When I’m on Prologue’s page, it shows on the top right side that the administrator is “Prologue to the Performing Arts”.  

If I first go to my personal Facebook page, I can call Prologue’s page by typing “Prologue to the Performing Arts” in the top left box where my name appears as “Nathalie Prezeau”.

It will get me to Prologue’s page but this time (look at the screen shot below) you can see that “Nathalie” appears as the administrator on the top right side.

Under the header, you can read: “You are posting, commenting, and liking as Nathalie Prezeau – Change to Prologue to the Performing Arts” (later, when I click on Prologue in this line, I’ll go back to managing the page from Prologue’s account).

See what happens now when I write Carl’s name:

This post won’t appear on Prologue’s fan page but it will definitely tell Carl (and his over 1,700 friends) that we are thinking about him. Here’s what he will see on his Facebook page. 

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