Watching a live show is a powerful experience! 
Once again, for 2014-2015, the TDSB Arts Department has provided funding to bring live performances to schools through Prologue to the Performing Arts.

The TDSB Arts Department has a limited amount of funding to offer a 50% discount on select shows by 36 of the 52 Prologue artists in Dance, Opera, Storytelling/Spoken Word and Theatre. This funding is available to schools based on their position on the Learning Opportunities Index (LOI), on a first come first served basis. 

To inquire if your school qualifies for a subsidy, or if you have any questions, contact Janet O’Neill, TDSB Performing Arts Convenor, at [email protected] or 416-396-5423. 

To bring magic and imagination right into your classroom, gymnasium or library, contact Prologue to the Performing Arts at [email protected] or 416-591-9092, ext. 229. 

CLICK HERE (or on the image of the cover) for the description of Prologue’s artists available through the subsidy(Note that this is an excerpt of the full Prologue catalogue featuring regular school prices. We’ve added prices in red to show what you’ll pay if you qualify for the TDSB’s subsidy.

Subsidized performances to choose from include:

14 DANCE companies with Corpus, Motus O and National Ballet of Canada offering shows for as low as
          $360 instead of $720!

3 MUSICAL THEATRE companies with Cie Vox Théâtre offering Pinocchio for 
          $360 instead of $720.

2 OPERA companies with Shoestring Opera shows for the price of
          $390 instead of $720.

4 PUPPETTRY companies with Breadbox Theatre offering two lovely shows for K to 3 for an incredible
          $168 instead of $335.

3 STORYTELLING artists, all offering shows for
          $150 instead of $300.

1 SPOKEN WORD artist with a show for
          $270 instead of $540.

8 THEATRE companies, with Alan Shain and Jim Dalling one-man shows for as low as
          $270 instead of $540.

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